Public Notice

I want to use this medium to inform the public that I don’t play the game called ‘Baba Ijebu’ otherwise known as ‘Lotto’, which some people believe I do, based on the previous post on my blog namely; ‘Baba Ijebu’ and ‘Slum Dog Millionaire Reloaded’. I have been receiving calls and text messages from strangers asking me for ‘national’, ‘too sure’ and lucky numbers to win this lotto. Please I would appreciate if these calls stop coming in, due to the fact that am not in the know of this game. I am just a blogger and nothing more. Thanks.

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JAMB again?!

On my way to Unilag now and can’t just help on writing about the Joint Admission Matriculation Board (JAMB) exam going on, which has caused a terrible hold-up on the university road. What is surprising and not yet that surprising is the sight of an old man who is in his 50’s probably sitting for the exams. Then I get to wonder how he would relate to his course mates in class if he gets lucky. Looking at what the future holds for this man, I am forced to pity his class rep. in advance on the issue of ‘age range’ and ‘respect’ that he will have to deal with any time an argument comes up in class and happens not to favour the old man.
Diverting from the old man’s issue is the percentage of people that get to pass this exam to people who don’t get lucky. But really, I must say JAMB has not been fair to older generations who have been writing this exam for over 6years and haven’t been lucky enough to pass (though the issue of greasing someone’s palms to pass cannot be left out here).
My own submission here is that people who are saddled with the responsibility of setting JAMB questions should at least make it easy for these old guys to pass and then make it a little bit tough when they have succeeded with setting free the old ones from the bondage of writing JAMB. Or what do you feel?
You can comment to air your views.

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Oh, How I Detest Thee!.

What would you have yourself do if you argue with your spouse or your girlfriend over the same issue every blessed day?.

Then you have to be @ Terra Kulture; Plot 1376 Tiamiyu Savage Street, Victoria Island Lagos every Sunday in April by 3pm and 6pm for the stage performance of ‘Oh How I Detest Thee!’ Written by Jeanne Ngo Libondo as directed by Kenneth Uphopho and stage managed by Ibukun Fasunhan to find out!!!
Starring Kenneth Uphopho, Eyiyemi Rogbinyin,Paul Alumona, Jennifer Osammor, Abiodun Kassim.

Tickets: :N2500
Buy 2 tickets get 1free. ( Promo ends March. 31st)
For Sponsorship and tickets call
08037177106 or 08034448812.

Trust me, you can’t afford to miss this play!.

Produced by ‘Performing Arts Workshop and Studio’ (PAWS) in collaboration with Terra Kulture.

You can also follow us on twitter @pawstudios or like our facebook page Please don’t hesitate to press that button on your phone or laptop. Its just one click away!.

Nollywood Episode 1

Can’t just help snapping this poster on sighting it.
No hard feelings here, but what is happening in Nollywood industry. Even if things are going bad, must it go worse. Even if we ignore the appalling picture on the poster, should we then ignore the grammatical blunder ‘Every Woman Want Me’ instead of ‘Every Woman Wants Me’? Certainly not!. And to even make matters worse, the image and the title on poster is just confusing!. Or don’t you guys think it ought to have been ‘Every Man Wants Me’. May God help us with these bad films being churned out by nollywood every week. (Did I hear someone say ‘amen!’).

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Mother Earth

Some are unborn
Some are living
Some are dead
But they never change

Some are intelligent
Some are dull
Some are seers
But they never change

Some are caring
Some are cold
Some are feeble
But they never change

Some are angels
Some are witches
Nonetheless appreciate them
Because they are your passage to mother earth.

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Smiling Queen

They say it will be her doom
This smile she shares a lot
Which is God’s given
Let them speak but I will be quiet.

He said he wanted to know her
So. enthusiastic yet laid back
Intertwined in a spider’s web
Let them speak but I will be quiet

Comfort zone beckoning at doorsteps
Yet lay back zone it seems
Depressing she is, when alone
Let them speak but I will be quiet

She says her smiles melts iron
This she has shone in many ways
Wayward! they exclaim
Let them speak but I will be quiet

At last I speak!
And corner those voices
The person behind the mirror
Is just a smiling queen!

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