‘Rubiewe’ an adaptation of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ on stage this May.

The ‘Performing Arts Workshop and Studios’ (PAWS) in partnership with The Knot Centre presents ‘RUBIEWE’ an African adaptation of ‘Beauty and the Beast’.
Starring: Uzor Osimkpa, Paul Alumona, Tomi Odunsi, Patrick Diabuah, Seun Kentebe, Damilola Kalejaiye, Omololu Shodiya, amongst others.
Adapted and Directed by: Kenneth Uphopho. Stage Managed by: Ibukun Fasunhan.

Date: 26th and 27th of May 2012.
Time: 1pm and 4pm daily
Venue: The Knot Centre (by Yabatech 2nd gate off Herbert Macaulay Way, Yaba.
Tickets: #3000 (Regular), #10,000 (VIP), #100,000 (Table of 5).

Tickets available @ Terra Kulture; Tiamiyu Savage Street Victoria Island, The Knot Cetnre and Adeniran Ogunsanya Shopping Complex Surulere.
For further enquiries please call 08034448812 or 08037177106. Proudly supported by Jodar Visuals, Oluchi Gems and Zebra Living.

RUBIEWE: A Classic Tale Retold.

You can also like PAWS facebook page facebook.com/pawstudios or follow us on twitter @pawstudios. You can also visit PAWS website http://www.pawstudios.com.ng


James Ibori and the national question

Some Francophonie hemisphere often say a costly joke that; “Nigeria is a clay-footed elephant”. This satirical statement needs no help than to sink into the marrow of Nigerians. While Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala contested for the president of World Bank, I often say that she will never win. Not that she is not hard working and fit, but the dented Nigerian image won’t make her go far. No thanks to yahoo guys, coupled with the 13year jail term of James Ibori.
All praises be to God that he wasn’t charged for corruption in Nigeria, else the case would be at the Court of Appeal for the next 5years. One then, is made to ponder and wonder why a ‘man’ would buy;

1. A house in Hampstead, north London, for £2.2m
2. A property in Shaftesbury, Dorset, for £311,000
3. A £3.2m mansion in Sandton, near Johannesburg, South Africa
4. A fleet of armoured Range Rovers valued at £600,000
5.A £120,000 Bentley
6.A Mercedes Maybach for 407,000 euros that was shipped direct to his mansion in South Africa.

While some people have been made impoverished and struggle to afford ‘tinko’. (the smallest piece of meat), and some kill cows for a day meal!. I have been made to find solace and rest of mind in this case owing to the fact that he will not be serving his jail term in Nigeria, and also in the words of my erudite friend and scholar;
“The bad news is that he won’t be serving 13yrs in jail, all the years he has spent behind bar will be deducted & you know in prison a year is not 12 months, so at the end of the day he is just going to serve 5yrs.”.
However this is still preferable to Nigeria’s 15years in jail which is equivalent to 15years at home enjoying and paying numerous visits abroad..
The onus then lies on the judicial system, executive system and the citizens to please help save the country’s image which has been ‘Eshuororised’.

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19year old boy jailed for stealing biro, kolanuts…

According to The Nation, a 19year old boy; whom claimed he was very hungry, was jailed for stealing red biro, kolanut, #2,750 and mobile phone belonging to Mrs. Mufisat Hassan on April 4, in Mushin’s Magistrate Court which was presided over by the Magistrate Mrs D.T Olatokun; whom found him guilty and was sentenced to one week imprisonment.
Though this act by the Magistrate can’t be overtly condemned because Charity as they say begins at home, one is forced to imagine why there were so quick to sentence this boy to prison within 2weeks and worse cases of theft has been left unattended to for years. Also., this boy claims that he was very hungry. Can’t blame him that much for stealing because this is exactly what happens when a government installs street lights in a place where the residents have never seen light blink in their homes before. (Of course we all know what would happen to the street lights).. What of the rich guys in our society who are involved in the same act as this poor boy. Should we say they embezzle government funds because they are too rich or hungry……

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ImageYewande Lawal a.k.a Wendy; a 400 level of the Department of Creative Arts, shares her high and low points, and how her family, mum, and friend cum manager; Muonagolu Sandra were instrumental to her success, with Ibukun Fasunhan.


Can you please introduce yourself

My name is Lawal Yewande Adebisi. I am 21 years old. I am a student of University of Lagos, Department of Creative arts, final year. Am the second to the last out of 6 children and from Ogun State and am the current Miss Lagos Carnival.

What inspired you to go for the pageant

Well, there were different carnival groups, and each group and local government had a representative. I was dancing for my group (locomotion) before, and I was later picked to represent them for the beauty pageant. I went for the screening, and out of about 90 people, they were burnt down to 12 due to the screening and later to 10. That was how I got in for the pageant in the first place.

What was camping like?

Camping was hectic, because I had exams while I was in camp and had to combine both together. There were times I had to leave the camp as early as 6am to meet up for my exams in school, and there was even a day I had to leave school in a cab to rush to Badagry, because the rest of my mates were having a field trip. It was stressful and fun at the same time because I learnt lot of things I won’t have the opportunity to. They had to teach us etiquettes, diction etc. it was fun but stressful fun!

How do you feel about being Miss Lagos Carnival?

(smiles) I feel overwhelmed about it, and I must say it is wonderful!. I am just hoping for the best to come after this, and still basking in the euphoria of excitement. It is a great feeling to know that you are a winner.

Who do you owe this prize to?

First of all, I owe it to God because without him, all things are not possible. Then coming down to human beings that helped me, I owe it to my best friend Sandra Muonagolu. Both of us are in the same department and level. She motivated me a lot and I was actually the shortest out of all the contestants. Not that I was that short, but all of them were tall. Immediately I saw them, I told her that ‘Sandra, I can’t do this, everybody is taller than me’, and she said ‘What? Just go there and make us proud’. She was the one with motivational messages that I could do it, and my mum was praying for me. Sandra went to the market to buy the materials for my traditional dress and even went to the tailor to get my dress. She went through stress, got ill in the process and came for the pageant because I didn’t want to stress my mum. She did a whole lot for me. She is presently my manager. I owe a great deal of my success to her

How do you intend to spend the money?

I intend to spend a substantial part in my family and I want to have an N.G.O. I have lot of ideas in my mind, and would be working with the Deputy Governor of Lagos State.

Some people do forget their friends after winning stuffs like this. How do you intend to manage this, considering the fact that some fake friends and enemies will start rearing their ugly heads?

(laughs) It is only logical to know that before now, I had friends and obviously after now, I have lots of friends. A friend of mine told me that she did not know I had many friends, because everybody on my bbm just went Wendy! wendy……. I know who I was before the pageant, and as the saying goes; success has lot of extended families, and people will start ‘forming familiarity’. I guess I have to be putting down my foot a lot now, and be stern in what I want and don’t want. It’s just logical to know your true friends and those that are just there for the fun of it.

Fame comes with controversies. How were you able to cope with it?

Everybody was hoping to win and if I didn’t win, I would have accepted my fate. I didn’t see the beauty pageant as a do or die affair. I just saw it as a platform to garner experience, and feel other opportunities will come, but some didn’t see it that way and took it very personal. There was no major controversy that I am aware of.

When would you start learning driving?

(laughs) The mistake I made earlier was to learn driving with an automatic car. When I saw the car and the gear box and realised it was manual, I was shocked because I have to start driving lessons all over again and ‘gain more muscles’


Interview by Ibukun Fasunhan (olayinkaayo@yahoo.com)

D’banj Versus DonJazzy Versus Kanye West. Who is to blame?

Dapo Daniel Oyebanjo popularly known as “D’banj” or “koko master” has been faced with controversies over the split between him and Don Jazzy, and his union with Kanye West. However, in an exclusive interview with Dbanj by ‘Nigerian Entertainment Today’, he said he would like to collaborate with Rihanna. (This is a discussion for another day). Though one can’t deny the fact that D’banj is a force to reckon with in the music industry, and has the right to be with whoever he wants, but his steps have been questionable by all and sundry.
Questions without answers have been running in my head ever since I heard of this and feel my esteemed readers can find answers to them..

1) Is D’banj being ungrateful to Don Jazzy?
2) Is D’banj overzealous by going to Kanye West?
3) Is it possible for D’banj to have joined ‘Illuminati’ as some people claim, based on the picture above?
4) Who is to blame for the break-up? D’banj, Don Jazzy or Kanye?
5) Will this union be of positive or negative help to Nigerian musicians
6) Is this just a ploy by the trio to create controversies?

What do you think?!
Let the comment start rolling in.

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