BRT buses and the national question 1



Some days back, I went to the pharmacist to buy actifed and was told that it was sold out only for me to enter a brt bus yesterday to realize why the actifed was “really” sold out.
Of course it would be, when our brt buses look like this. Sanitation level is ZERO!. Lagosians who happen to stand or sit on these vehicles are prone to cattarh and cough everyday, after getting down from these buses. For the Dettol Adverts and Life Buoy Adverts out there, this is a good medium for all your adverts, as you do not need to disturb your creative team to come up with concepts.
Though some BRT buses are still neat, but it is just a matter of time for the buses to degenerate to this dirty state.
People in charge of these BRT buses should please help in “SANITIZING” them, in order to make Lagos a better place to live in health wise.




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