the traveller

In my mother’s womb, little did I know of the world
Then I awaken steeped in blood
Faced with a bleak reality of life
Makes me ruminate on the sensibilities of life.

In cradle, I felt the world as it ought to be
No stress, comfort zone beckoning at my door step
Thoughts of school makes me cry
Why must I suffer, I asked my mother
But her answer was tinted with apathy
Soon, I let the tears of uncertainty flow

My first CRK class in primary one still strikes a chord
Why was Eve so cruel to mankind?
The world starts unfolding at the bumpy dots of my pencil
The thoughts of Wazobia makes me wonder
Am I really expected to tackele with these differences?
Then I remember the saying; IBO ‘I before others’

Common entrance result is finally out
My dream school: Radiance College
But my papa said life is not that radiant
So I resigned to Bright Rainbow International Schoo

JSCE is heartbreaking, all thanks to GCE
Post Jamb posted me for four years
Then I witnessed a miraculous posting
Unilag! My dream university
Will my age long dream be ever realised?
Thanks for the delay of Blackberry, else I pinged my life to pinfold

A peep at the dotted lines in my certificate makes me ponder
National Youth Suffering Camp (NYSC)
Made me suffer for a year
Life is like a roller coaster
They say you are old enough to die at 70
But I start writing my will at 39, though life begins at 40

OYO is now my lot
My voice and beauty will not vouch for me now.
The break of dawn makes me sad
The scorching sun makes me cool

Getting a good wife is like Jamb
Inlaws become my Post Jamb
Responsibility becomes a necessity
Kemi, Yemi, Femi, Remi; my lovely kids with 2 pending
When did I give birth to all these?
No thanks to poverty

Thought of death makes life worth living
Death the irreversible cessation of life
Will I ever be remembered or forgotten
Life and death is like a pen
Now it flows, then it stops
Am just a worn traveller.

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